Terra Restaurant Sample Menu

Chef Marcus draws on inspiration from the surrounding area and the fantastic produce that the subtropical climate of Northland is known for.

Terra Restaurants menus not only change according to the seasons but also when new produce becomes available or when our chefs get that creative spark to include a new menu Item, so expect ever evolving dishes and a few hidden extra special treats.

We look forward to sharing our passionate food story with you


Cerignola olives| marinated Sicilian olives with mint and lemon - 7

Pane filone di terra | classic Italian bread with whipped ricotta, chives and chilli crunch – 8

Kyra’s Favosalata | yellow split pea dip with garlic, summer herbs, capers and flat bread – 9



House shucked Orongo bay oyster| lemon, seaweed, horipito and Jerez sherry mignonette – six or twelve   – 20/40

Fried Octopus| sticky gochujang chilli caramel, cabbage and peanut slaw, lime mayonnaise - 20

Pan seared Peruvian scallops | douchi, dehydrated roe, cassava, burnt pear, kamo kamo– 20

Daily crudo | horseradish and yoghurt, cucumber, granny smith and kawakawa granita – 20

Farmhouse Terrine from free range chooks and cured pork |pickled chamomile cherries and flame grilled brioche crostini – 20

Burrata | Blackened stone fruit with mustard oil, Duck breast prosciutto, toasted coriander seeds – 25


We recommend cleaning your palette in between your courses with our daily refresher

$ 3 or

$ 9 with dash of Queenstown Zenkuro Junmai Sake, Bay of Islands Black collar gin or Fjordland Blue duck vodka


Cauliflower and Cheese |Twice baked Chevre Souffle, crispy Cauliflower drums, thyme, scallions and rucola – 36

Angus strip loin | consommé and confit from local tomatoes, basil and gnocchi- 38

Local caught fish | aubergine kasundi, cashew nuts, kaffir lime, coconut - 38

Grilled Lamb kabob | Mahoe yoghurt, mint and coriander, chickpea and chilli – 38

Roasted Pork belly | almond skordalia, fig chutney, boudin noir crumbs and puy lentils – 38


Shaved Fennel, pomegranate, chevre, apricot, almonds - 12

Roasted zucchini, pine nuts, mint, feta - 10

Potato Beignets with Parmigiano Reggiano - 10

Heirloom tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, basil, EG Farm extra virgin olive oil, candied black olives - 14

Shoestring Fries with mushroom ketchup - 10


Tiramisu Trifle| coffee, hazelnut, caramel, mascarpone and dark chocolate 16

Vanilla and Geranium panna cotta | Strawberry Lime granita, Meringue - 16

Baked German quark kuchen | local macerated berries, Blueberry sorbet – 16

Mahoe Farmhouse Blue cheese |Cow’s milk, Oromahoe KeriKeri, Fruit bread, grape clusters and Honey Paihia Honeycomb - 18

Olivia’s favourite Chocolate | hand made Truffle with dark bitter chocolate from Belgium, subtle hints of orange and coffee - $ 3 per piece